Last night I lent a helping hand at Nike’s ‘we own the night’ event.  A ladies only 10k run around Victoria park, near Hackney. I was working for Equinox who had a partnered with Nike for the event.  As partners we were providing sports massage, pre and post run assisted stretching, and some fun and games along the way.

The night was hosted by the 3 G’s, who brought an upbeat, youthful voice to the event. Their onscreen tour of the festival village, interviews with festival staff, and general camaraderie was highly entertaining, and set the pace early on.

With the tone set, strong positive vibrations parted the clouds and we were on our way.  Before racing it’s important to get a solid warm up, so the group fitness team from Equinox pounced on stage and gave a dynamic performance; not before jumping on the opportunity to take a selfie with the more than willing crowd behind them.  In the spirit of the night I jumped at the change to demonstrate the warm up on a podium in the middle of crowd. I didn’t take any selfies but I did catch fellow PT @freaksly taking a video of me mid twerk, jumping up and down to a Beyonce tune.  Not ideal! I’m sure it will come back to haunt me this week.

After the warm up the runners made their way to the gates. Racers are given a choice of time bracket they think they would fall into. They were set off in waves accordingly.  Each wave had their own “pacer” with ghetto blaster backpack (provided by spotify) playing empowering music for the following troops.

The route was two 5k laps around the park with a hand full of inspiring surprises along the way.  My personal favourite was the brass band playing an array of classic pop hits.  As the runners were met with the spice girls, the brass band were met with smiles, cheers and girl power.

As the race came to a close Radio 1’s DJ, Nick Grimshaw, threw down a few beats and the ladies were offered a celebratory glass of bubbly, and of course a deep stretch from our team; myself,  Sly @freaksly, and Jamain @2fit2quit).  We were deeply disappointed we couldn’t provide for all 10,000 runners, although we gave a it a damn good try. Maybe next time.

Stretching out all those ladies was a difficult job (note the sarcasm) but it did give me the opportunity to catch up with many of the girls. The girls running the event were of all abilities, and ran times ranging from 45 mins to 1 hour and 45 minutes. These were girls from all corners of the globe, girls different in many ways.  But no matter how different each girl was, it was obvious they all had something very much in common.  The unmistakeable glow of self satisfaction and accomplishment.

The night then came to a close and as I watched the people make their way I couldn’t help but think that these girls definitely owned this night! Congratulations to all the competitors.


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