Hot Flush at the Edition Hotel, London

Tonight started with an unusual bang.  A phone call from a friend.  “We’re on the guest list for a party tonight; get ready!”  Having not partied or received an invitation such as this in a while, I had a hot flush, then quickly obliged.

Equipped with black skinny Levi’s, a Farrah T, a few quid in the back pocket, we set off.  A tube full of friendly banter and the accompaniment of two beautiful others (long time friends from home) we arrived.

The Edition Hotel London, designed by Ian Schrager – co creator of Studio 54, I  was expecting a surprise around the corner.  But my hunch was made to look like mild back pain compared to what came next.

After making our way past the stern, but rather sexy lady controlling the guest list, we made our way down stairs.

Hello mysterious bouncer in dark corridor. “Go through there, take the door on the right” he said.

I couldn’t hear a peep… Then I opened the  bombproof door to reveal a long, dark room; every dimension shielded by thick dark timber.  A regiment of classic disco lighting  scattered a red mist as they all synchronised, moving slowly like the heads of stoned R2D2 robots.

The decor came appropriately dressed with the sound of deep techno, and the opening set of Jack Haighton at the hot flush recordings showcase was a blinder.

A few G&T’s later the room begun to fill up with all the usual suspects. The:

>Abstract girl dancer,

>Uses phone to make requests guy,


>Feels old with these students (me),

>and an anorak or two.

All of which grooved to Jack’s classy performance; the perfect warm up for mr Paul Woolford.

The sound of fresh cut disco was a great first step on the journey, followed by an unusual twist to a more techy sound.  As the crowd livened up so did the beat.  From the old to the new, house music fell until the end of Paul’s set.  Kerry Chandler’s – System, was a personal highlight.  Although the younger crowd didn’t seem to take to well to the house classic.  It was still quite early, and there were no signs that this “Mandy” girl everybody was asking about had arrived at the party.  But still, it’s a classic non the less.

Label owner, Scuba took over next.  His usual arrogant yet charming swagger consumed the room.  He took us on a journey through a modern interpretation of what seemed like every electronic genre with a four to the floor beat, I think I even heard a whisper of psy-trance in there somewhere.

20 minutes in to his set he really let it go.  A bassy little number with a piano riff shook the room.  Apparently Mandy had arrived because everyone seemed really happy, and the party really started rocking!

All in all the tunes were pumping all night, and the venue may even be my new favourite. However, for me there was still a little something missing, but I can’t put my finger on what it was?  A cracking night out non the less.  Although, I never did get to say hello to Mandy.


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