Well Hello There.



What’s this blog all about?  One could say that this is a way for me (hi, I’m Mearns by the way) to figure some stuff out.  Right now I imagine (or at least I hope) that, most of the male, ‘twenty5 years-wise’, Manchester residents are going through a tough old time. A time where clarity and direction, are a wash with a hazy mixed up injections of; desire, dissatisfaction, adrenaline, sex (or lack there of), food, music, social media and too much traffic. Often at the same time.

So, by writing this blog I hope to untie a few knots. Whether they be mine, yours, or on occasion ours!

Professionally I am a Personal Trainer/Holistic advisor, previously serving at a top London health club, ‘Equinox‘.  So fitness, health and lifestyle come in the territory. But don’t tar me with that brush just yet. I come from the school of ‘tips and tricks’, rather than the college of ‘rammeth thi’ throateth’.


Creatively I love to write and take photographs. I DJ, and produce music, it’s kind of my love.  I have aspirations to work as a producer in Television and Radio (just give me time).

In the past 4 years I have travelled to 15 countries, lived in 4 major cities, and few sleepy towns along the way. These adventures have taken me to mountain tops, and too many bus stops. Festival stages whilst on very low wages. Dramatic lows and dull highs. I’ve had a fair share of diverse experiences (or did they have me, I’m not sure yet).  But good or bad, triumph or disaster, I can honestly say I have learned my fair share.

The question is, “are my experiences valid in our society?..”Probably not. But are they validated here on this blog and to its followers? I would say yes!

So that is why I choose to share my thoughts and experiences here,  with you guys, today! Whether you care, or wether you don’t, I think the followers of this blog will always listen. They’ll make their their own judgement and not just pass the one society dictates or even cowers away from.

See you around the pages.

“the best choices in life are those that make for a great story”


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